Discover The Magic Of Hiking

Hiking Days are a wonderful way to experience the Alpine wonderland! Let us introduce you to this amazing experience, breathtaking landscape and enchanting trails.

Carolyn McCall, former Easyjet CEO

‘We all had a huge amount of fun and I would recommend Tanya and snowshoeing to anyone, even if you are a skier. You go to places skiers don’t and it is so peaceful. A really wonderful experience!’
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Costs include: Snowshoes, poles, and transport.

Half day

1 person €170

2 people €85 per person

3 people or more €65 per person

Full day

1 Person €320

2 People €160 per person

3 people or more €110 per person

Evening Torch lit Snowshoe and Refuge visit

€35 per person based on a min of 6 pax
€45 per person based on 4 – 5 pax

For more details:

Believed to be invented over 4000 years ago as a means to help people walk by spreading their body weight across the snow. Today, modern snowshoes work in exactly the same way and retain a similarity to those used in ancient times.

Snowshoeing is easy to learn, low impact and entirely safe, providing a fantastic way to explore winter regions.

We can offer half day, full day and evening torchlight adventures or a variation of the above.

Snowshoeing is something everyone can do and is a great way to experience the mountains!

Our three experienced guides,Tanya, Julien and Clive cover Val du’ Abondance, St Jean D, Morzine, Les Gets, Samoen, Vallee Brevon and Vallee Verte so we’ve got it covered!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or use our online booking facility below,

+33 (0)6 73 77 05 16 or


Snowshoe Intro

Let us introduce you to……

Snowshoeing for the first time: “Whatever your aspirations and level of experience, we work with you to offer a truly fabulous day out in the mountains.”

  • Fitness – we explore easy gradients on the hike and allow plenty of time to take photos and enjoy the winter wonderland.
  • Equipment – we supply and make sure snowshoes are correctly fitted along with poles
  • Too many skiers around – the whole aim of snowshoeing is to get away from the crazy busy pistes and enjoy a tranquil experience
  • Chairlifts – sometimes we use chairlifts to access the higher mountains, however if you are not keen on such transport let us know and we can present some great options.

Our trips run from Châtel, Chapelle du Abondance and Abondance, located in the Abondance Valley, Port du Soleil. Also Lac Vallon, Roc du Enfer and Hirmentaz in Vallee Brevon, Vallee Verte and Samoen. In Châtel we are so close to the Swiss border you will often find yourself hiking between countries.

Want something different, maybe to include a refuge lunch stop, or an evening snowshoe with fondue? Drop us an email at or call us on +33 (0)6 73 77 05 16

Family Friendly

Family Snowshoeing Adventures

The whole family can enjoy a fun day out on snowshoes!

We run half day adventures (3 hrs) or full days trips. Snowshoes, poles and sledges are provided!

This is all about you! We work with your family to create a fun plan for the session, this may include igloo building (our guide Jamie is the best igloo builder in Samoëns!) hot chocolate, snow fun, we can make it all happen!

High Energy

High Energy Snowshoeing Escapades

You’ve snowshoed before and now you want to get out there and play in the powder – you’ve come to the right place! High energy snowshoe adventures ensuring you get a little sweaty and have some snow action!

We run half day adventures (3 hrs) or full days trips (6hrs). Snowshoes and poles are provided.

Example itineraries include:

  1. Lac Vallon, in Vallee Brevon up to the base of the Roc du Enfer, an incredible amphitheatre.
  2. Col du Bassachaux, from Pre la Joux, with amazing views from Mont Grange to Lac Montriond.
  3. Val du Morgin, starting high and exploring this beautiful valley in Switzerland.
  4. Abondance, ascending over to the remote hamlet of Ubine below the spectacular Mont Chauffe.
Torch Lit

Torch Lit Snowshoe with Fondue

Would you love to experience a magical winter wonderland evening snowshoe? We work with a number of mountain refuges who provide delicious Savoyarde fair, allowing us to snowshoe to the venue using torchlights, enjoy a tasty fondue or a similar dish, then snowshoe out. A fantastic experience for everyone!

Itinerary examples include:

  1. Lac Plagne and up to refuge Tindarets located in an incredible amphitheatre.
  2. Petit Chatel, hiking into Refuge Theo.
  3. Val du Morgin, hiking circular loop up Chalet The.
  4. Vallée Brevon, hiking up to La Chevrerie, or in the Alpage around Hirmentaz.
‘we want to show our appreciation for all your care and attention during our stay in Les Gets’ Susie and Malc

we have SO enjoyed this experience!